It`s like masturbation… :))

Pe forumul Fcrp, am dat peste un subiect pe cat se poate de interesant, pe atat de adevarat..Probabil ca nu va spune nimic cuvantul „procrastination”..atunci sa va traduc eu putin..colegutzii mei -care in loc sa stea si sa invete la imagologie, scriu pe forum (vezi Catalin ) 😛 – au numit acest topic cat se poate de sugestiv : „Iti place sa amani? Si noua 😀 „..Tot nu v-ati dat seama?!..pai,hai ca va mai ajut eu putin cu cateva citate de pe Wikipedia :

..„Procrastination is a type of behavior which is characterized by deferment of actions or tasks to a later time”.

..„Procrastination is thought to be particularly prevalent in the academic setting, where students are required to meet deadlines for assignments and tests in an environment full of events and activities which compete for the students’ time and attention.”

..” Student syndrome refers to the phenomenon that many students will begin to fully apply themselves to a task only just before a deadline. This leads to wasting any buffers built into individual task duration estimates.”

..”The tense-afraid type of procrastinator usually feels overwhelmed with pressure, unrealistic about time, uncertain about goals and many other negative feelings. Feeling that they lack the ability or focus to successfully complete their work, they tell themselves that they need to unwind and relax, that it’s better to take it easy for the afternoon, for example, and start afresh in the morning. They usually have grandiose plans that aren’t realistic. Their ‘relaxing’ is often temporary and ineffective, and leads to even more stress as time runs out, deadlines approach and the person feels increasingly guilty and apprehensive. This behavior becomes a cycle of failure and delay, as plans and goals are put off, penciled into the following day or week in the diary again and again.”

Ei, ce ziceti? Cam asa e,nu? 😛


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